The First-EvER Fantasy Travel Show

Popular “Dungeons and Dragons” gaming personalities Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny are teaming up as the hosts of a new documentary travel show currently in production. The show, entitled “DESTINATION FANTASTIC,” will take viewers on an amazing odyssey across the globe, as they seek out inspiration for their own personal worlds of art, fantasy and storytelling. The show was created by award winning filmmaker Josh Bishop and produced by Ron Harbin.

DESTINATION FANTASTIC is an independent documentary travel show that will follow the hosts on a whimsical journey each episode as they explore all things fantastical. Castles, dungeons, labyrinths, mythological creatures, fantasy games, sacred grounds, art, literature, music and history are all par for the course. Along the way, celebrities, experts and fanatics will help showcase the history and details of each new location and subject.

Satine and Stefan will be looking for inspiration for their future projects, as well as learning about what has inspired myths, folklore, and storytelling since the beginning of civilization - much like the infamous game itself.

The pilot episode will feature the hosts exploring Iceland where they do everything from seeking out the Codex Regius (the earliest known written history of the Norse mythological canon), to exploring volcanoes and glaciers where they see the impact of the rapidly changing global climate on modern-day Iceland first hand. Satine and Stefan will uncover the root of legends and storytelling and impart their discoveries into the imaginations of their viewers. Future episodes will encompass a number of enchanted locales specifically chosen by the hosts.

Satine and Stefan launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 9th to engage fans to join them in building this groundbreaking show. The project funded on August 8th for a total of $109,230 from 1,075 backers. The full first episode is currently being edited and will be released in December of 2019 on a platform yet to be announced.

“I am so excited about DESTINATION FANTASTIC,” states Satine. “Partnering with Stefan on this journey across the globe and bringing our viewers to new spaces and historic locales is going to be great. And, having our D&D community involved will be incredible.”

“I have always been a fan of Satine,” says Stefan. “And now traveling around the world with her and bringing our fans with us to these amazing places will be mind-blowing. We can’t wait to share this with our D&D players and with everyone. It’s going to be fantastic!”

“Stefan and Satine are truly unique individuals and I'm so inspired by both of them,” says show creator Josh Bishop. “Exploring the world with them and getting to bring this vision to all of you is literally a dream come true.”

About Stefan Pokorny: Founder and owner of Dwarven Forge, the industry leader in gaming terrain.

Part artist, part philosopher, part jester, Stefan Pokorny preaches the virtues of fantasy gaming to all who will listen. Combining art, Dungeons and Dragons, and commerce, he formed his company Dwarven Forge in 1996, which has since become the gaming industry leader in the creation of miniature terrain and other fantasy sculptures. He has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter for Dwarven Forge with the help of his legions of fans and is the subject of the documentary The Dwarvenaut, which premiered at SXSW in 2016. As an artist, he believes in traveling the world to see and experience all it has to offer in person.

About Satine Phoenix:

Gaming celebrity and former ambassador for D&D.

A consummate storyteller and lifelong creative, Satine Phoenix has always had a passion for building worlds and growing communities. She began filming Dungeons and Dragons games in 2009 which led to the inception of Celebrity Charity D20 with Keith Baker, a livestreamed gaming event benefiting Reach Out and Read. From there, she has worked on hundreds of Dungeons and Dragons events and is often called the ‘Queen of D&D’. Her impact on the tabletop community has been acknowledged in such publications as Forbes, Time Magazine, io9, and Maxim. Wherever the story leads her, Satine has proven time and again that the language of play is a universal one, bringing people together through the power of imagination.

About Josh Bishop: Award Winning Filmmaker

After years of creating short form fiction and other content, Josh Bishop’s first documentary feature Made In Japan, premiered at SXSW 2015 in Austin, Texas. It took the 2015 festival circuit by storm and won quite a few awards including Best Documentary at the Global Visions Film Festival and the Discovery Award for Best First Feature at the Calgary International Film Festival. Josh’s sophomore documentary feature, The Dwarvenaut, premiered at SXSW 2016 and is available on most streaming platforms. Real stories and real human emotions are the heart of Josh’s work.

About Ron Harbin: Award Winning TV Producer

In 2000, Ron Harbin, a former Nashville music industry insider, found himself in the television production business. After a move to Santa Monica, he began traveling to exotic places with network specials and a variety of television series. Leading productions around the world for some of today’s biggest shows has made him a highly sought-after producer. Today, Ron’s work is featured on Discovery, History, A&E, PBS, HGTV, CMT, along with many digital platforms.