Official preview for “Destination Fantastic,” the first-ever fantasy-oriented travel show with Dungeon Masters Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny as your hosts. Fly, climb, hike, fight and play your way to the most inspirational landscapes, places, people and creatures around the globe. You have never seen anything like this.

Stefan and Satine visit the birthplace of Dungeon's and Dragons, Gary Gygax's house! Joined by special surprise guest Matt Mercer! Funding now!

Destination Fantastic’s official kickstarter video. Funding now! Support our kickstarter here:

Preview of the first episode of new fantasy-oriented travel show starring Stefan Pokorny and Satine Phoenix

Slap on your crampons, grab your ice axe and slide some snow baskets onto your trekking poles. We're going for a stroll across one of the mightiest glaciers in Iceland. Join Stefan Pokorny and Satine Phoenix as their "Destination Fantastic" voyage continues. This short clip was filmed for Episode 1.

One of the top D&D Game Masters in her L.A. birdcage.

Westwood, Los Angeles, May 8, 2019. The DESTINATION FANTASTIC cast and crew welcomed the cast and crew of the motion picture based on the life of the creator of THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, J.R.R. Tolkien

It's windy. It's cold. Some of it is barren. All of it is magical. The Destination Fantastic saga continues in the Nordic Island of the North Atlantic, Iceland. The ancient myths come to life in this landscape, among these people. Join Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny as they explore glaciers, lava fields and black sand beaches.